Out Patient Services

Out Patient Services

General Outpatient Clinic  

General Outpatient clinic is mainly seen by Dr. Gurdev Chowdhary, MD, DM (Neonatology) with support of Dr Sonali More,MD (Pediatrics). The timings of clinic are 9:00AM to 2:00 PM in morning. Evening timings are 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in winters (15th Oct to 28th Feb) and 6:00pm to 8:00 pm in summers. Saturday evening and Sunday OPD is seen by Dr Sanjeev Sethi. To save your time you can take prior appointment on telephone no 0181-4679999 (extra charges applicable).

Well Baby Clinic-Growth, Development & Vaccination  
Growth and development is the integral part of the out patient service. Children are closely monitored in terms of height, weight and developmental milestones. All vaccinations are available and administered daily.

Pediatric Surgery Clinic 
DR Devendra Panwar, MCh (Ped Surgery) runs this clinic daily
High Risk neonatal follow-up clinic 
The clinic is held on first Thursday of every month by Dr Gurdev Chowdhary, DM (Neonatology) and Dr Gurpreet Singh Kochar, DM (Pediatric neonatology). The clinic is meant for the neonates discharged from the NICU coming for follow up.
Pediatric Neurology Clinic 
Dr Gurpreet Singh Kochar heads this clinic which is run on every Thursday between 10.00am to 2.00pm. He is ably supported by Dr Richa Sharma, MPT (Pediatric Physiotherapy), Mrs Pallavi Khanna (Child Psychologist) and Mr Ram Raj Kumar (Speech Therapist)
Pediatric Cardiology Clinic 
Held on First Saturday(evening) and third Thursday(evening) of every month, this clinic is headed by Dr Vikas Kohli, MD FAAP FACC (Chief, Dept of Ped Cardiology, Apollo Delhi). Newborns and children with heart disease are evaluated and treated.
Pediatric Hematology Clinic 
DR Priyanka Gupta, MD (pediatrics), DM (Pediatric Hemato-oncology) runs this clinic on second Thursday of every month
Pediatric Dermatology Clinic 
Dr Rajat Chabbra, DDVL sees patients on all weekdays except Thursday between 1.30 – 3.00pm
Child Psychology Clinic 
Mrs Pallavi Khanna heads this clinic
Speech Therapy Clinic 
Mr Ram Raj Kumar conducts speech therapy sessions every Saturday between 10.00am to 2.00pm

Guidelines Regarding O.P.D  

Phone Consultation – we do not encourage phone consultation as a policy. It can be harmful for your child because physical examination is required for proper diagnosis. Still in unavoidable circumstances, you can call at 95013-00776. The doctor on duty will try to help you.
Appointment – To save your time you can take prior appointment on telephone no 2181-4679999 (extra charges applicable). In case, the doctor concerned is attending to an emergency, you may have to wait longer. We will give you priority, once the doctor is available; otherwise you have the option of refund of your appointment charges and wait for your turn.
Emergency – In case of emergency, the doctor and duty will immediately attend to your child. The doctor of your choice may not be available at that very moment; he/she will see the patient as soon as possible.

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